Nanette Carter's Statement

Working with intangible ideas around contemporary issues has been my motivating force. Reading the news about different developments taking place around the world has turned me into a chronicler of our time. How to present these ideas in an abstract vocabulary of form, line, color and texture is the quest. These are the challenges and creative instinct that intrigue me most. 

In the past two years I’ve been working on three series simultaneously that reflect the zeitgeists of our time. They include Cantilevered, The Weight and Afro Sentinels. With advancements in Technology, the pervasive use of social media, Donald Trump  and social injustices seen around the world there is much to respond to. All of this while balancing responsibilities to family, our jobs and friends. Welcome to the Twenty-First Century. This lays heavy on us, figuratively acting as a great weight on our shoulders, hence the title, "The Weight".

In the series “Cantilevered” the act of balancing the bombardment of information and responsibilities while deciding what is actually of great import is a harrowing act. Social media, the global pandemic and global warming are issues of concern while living in the 21st Century. Cantilevered is an architectural term where a building is anchored at one end and balancing a structure that extends out horizontally. The structure then becomes a metaphor for our lives. With some of the works in this series the shapes appear to be teetering and falling off the structural plinth. Mimicking the idea of letting go or prioritizing in hopes of gaining some normalcy or balance during these anxiety driven times. 

“Afro Sentinels” is coming from a fantasy world where warriors are in service to protect all black and brown people of the world from social injustices. Each warrior is unique in girth and stature but all have the acumen and strength to demolish adversarial forces. This body of work is predated by many ancient societies around the globe where guardians are placed in front of Temples or at burial sights to protect.

 On one picture plane different textural surfaces, forms and colors might reside in harmony or in discord. I employ painting, printing, drawing and collage. My substrate has been frosted Mylar for over 25 years, hoping to achieve the maximum luminosity, density and transparency. The catalysts, for over four decades, have been the drama of nature in tandem with the drama of human nature.

In the series "Bouquet for Loving", 2009 -2012, I created a mysterious form of plant life, while honoring my mentor, the artist Alvin Loving. Al was a unique person, brilliant artist and a generous man. The title, "Bouquet for Loving" is referring to a benevolent offering that is timely during this era when civility is on the wane. In 2012 the series of invented scapes titled, "In the Garden: The Animist", vegetation extends past the garden walls. Animism is the belief that all natural phenomena possess an individual spirit and soul. This spirit and soul is what I want to convey with these animated works.